If you are looking for a trustworthy service center close to home, there's no better place to come than your Honda service center in Hutchinson, Kansas. We know our customers put a lot of strain on their vehicle, whether they are making daily commutes to and from Wichita or hauling heavy loads on their farm. You should be confident and safe behind the wheel of your vehicle at all times. We are here to serve as the go-to repair shop for everything from an oil change to transmission repair.
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Hello, I'm Service Director AJ Overton. We have top notch expert technicians to service your Honda. Our goal is to keep your Honda running like new, that is why we use factory specific parts. Our friendly service advisors will guide you through our 27 point inspection. This ensures that you are informed of any problems your Honda may have, so we can get them taken care of in a timely manner. Having car trouble can be frustrating and very inconvenient. Fixing issues before it becomes a problem is our ultimate goal. If you are waiting at our dealership while your Honda is being serviced we have a comfortable waiting area, with a variety of beverages. If you would rather wait at home or need to get back to work, we offer a complimentary shuttle within the city limits. If you purchased one of our certified vehicles within the last 3 years, we have complimentary loaner cars while yours is being serviced. 

For many years, Conklin Hutchinson Car Repair & Automotive Services has been high-quality auto repair services throughout Hutchinson and Wichita Kansas area. We know that some car dealerships have damaged the reputation of the industry by offering substandard services, quoting extremely high prices, vague repairs and overcharging some customers. We also understand that some are not thorough enough when undertaking the repairs, thus leading to constant and recurring issues with your car. But at Hutchinson Car Repair, we have worked extremely hard to change that perception. And it's one of the main reasons why our customers remain with us for years. We believe in honesty, quality of service and value for money.

Furthermore, we treat all our customers like our family. Therefore, the moment you step inside our service center, you will immediately notice that we are not an ordinary auto repair shop. Instead, we deliver auto repair services with a difference. From the attention to detail to the cleanliness of our facility, our auto repair shop combines personalized services that you would find in a smaller service shop, with the positive attributes found in high-end auto dealerships. All our technicians are ASE certified and highly experienced. Whenever you bring your car for repair or maintenance at our auto shop, you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best services. Some of the services we offer include:

Hutchinson Kansas Transmission Repair

Transmission repair can sometimes prove to be a challenge, considering that most auto repair shops don't have the right equipment, as well as the technical know-how to service your car properly. Vehicle owners around Hutchinson and Witchita Kansas come to our auto repair shop because they know that our ASE-certified repair technicians have the expertise and the experience required to handle any modern drivetrain, whether it belongs to a car, an SUV or a truck. Repairing or replacing a modern transmission system is always a complicated and complex procedure. But the auto repair technicians at Conklin Honda Hutchinson are familiar with all the major automotive transmission systems. Whether your vehicle's drivetrain requires transmission repairs, a minor tweak, or even a full replacement, our experienced mechanics are ready to diagnose and recommend the most appropriate repair solution. Our team will keep you informed throughout the repair process, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are back on the road as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide all our customers with high-quality transmission repair services together with exceptional customer experience. Conklin Honda Hutchinson certified transmission repair. 

Hutchinson Kansas Tires Alignment and Rotation

Proper wheel alignment is vital to your car's handling. Apart from preventing potential accidents, it minimizes severe damage as well as expensive auto repairs that improper alignment can cause. And that's why drivers in Kansas City and the surrounding areas count on our professional mechanics to check and make sure that your vehicle's tires are properly aligned. Motorists appreciate our commitment to delivering outstanding auto repair services, without compromise. We offer computerized steering and wheel alignment services, to help prevent issues of premature tire failure and uneven tire wear and wear.
Our wheel alignment services also help to prevent extensive damage that might occur to your vehicle's suspension system. When you visit our service center, we will first undertake a thorough diagnosis of your vehicle, to identify the alignment issues that it might be having, and then discuss the necessary repairs with you. We can align almost every vehicle on the road, from trucks to SUVs. Our wheel alignment and steering services are designed to ensure you get maximum tire life. You don't have to struggle with your drive. Just bring your vehicle to Conklin Honda Hutchinson, sit back and let's attend to your vehicle's tire alignment and rotation needs.

Hutchinson Brake Repair

If your car, truck or SUV needs brake service, we have a professional team of certified technicians, who can attend to its issues and address any concerns that you might have. We have the diagnostic tools and equipment, as well as the necessary expertise to repair your vehicle's brakes, whether it's a major or minor issue. As you probably know, driving with worn-out or loose brakes can lead to a collision or an accident, which might lead to significant expenses. You might be forced to compensate the victims as a result of brake failure. Apart from that, you might also end up with hefty repairs, which will cost you more. Therefore, you should always ensure that your brakes are in excellent working condition.

Brake systems are simple and effective technologies. However, whenever they develop a mechanical problem, they will always give various warning signals. For instance, a spongy or low pedal is an indication that there might be some trapped air within the hydraulic system. On the other hand, a wheel shake or a pulsing feel is also a sign of a problem. Apart from that, if a red brake-warning light remains on, the hydraulic system might be imbalanced, among other issues. Whenever you notice anything unusual with your brakes, don't hesitate as it might lead to a bigger issue. Bring your vehicle immediately to us,and we will check it and advise you accordingly. Our brake repair services include lining replacement, pad replacement, wheel cylinders, brake rotors, machining, master cylinders, and hose replacement, just to name a few. For reasonable prices, incredible stopping power and expert brake repair services, visit our auto repair shop.

Paintless Dent Repair

Does your vehicle have a dent that needs to be removed? Well, you can always trust our convenient and reliable paintless dent removal services that the clients of Kansas City have enjoyed for many years. At Hutchinson Car Repair, we fix both major and minor body damage, resulting from hail damage. Our paintless dent removal process eliminates the need for a traditional body repair method, which can sometimes prove to be time consuming and expensive. And in most situations, the conventional body repair method is unnecessary.
The technique we apply is both convenient and cost-effective. Furthermore, your vehicle's paint job will not be touched or altered. With our body repair process, we don't deal with any chemicals, sanding, body fillers or painting. Therefore, you never have to worry about the color mismatch, surface contamination or overspray. And when we are through with the process, you can hardly notice that your vehicle had a dent anywhere, since our service is highly meticulous. We understand that your vehicle is one of your most significant investments, and we will never take any shortcuts during the paintless dent repair process.

Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts have a tendency of losing their effectiveness over time. Once a vehicle covers approximately 50,000 miles, these components will start leaking. You might also notice excessive bounce. Regular inspections will identify if they need repair or replacement. Some motorists assume that replacing the shocks and struts is not as important as other components in a vehicle. But the reality is, they play a vital role towards the handling and ride of your car. Replacing them should be part of your vehicle's routine maintenance. Some of the common signs that your shocks need a replacement include a rattling noise and a rough ride, among others. If your vehicle is driven on bumpy or dirt roads, then the struts tend to wear out faster as compared to one that is driven on city streets and freeways. At Hutchinson Car Repair, we usually advise drivers to replace all the four struts and shocks at the same time for better handling of the vehicle.


If you have ever wanted your truck, car or SUV to look as if it's straight from the showroom, then you just need to bring it to us. Our professional and expert detail team can get your vehicle looking new again. At Conklin Hutchinson Car Repair, we use top-quality products to leave your vehicle's interior looking fresh and clean while restoring it's exterior's shine. We know that you love a clean car. Furthermore, a clean vehicle operates and runs better. We are equipped with advanced detailing tools and supplies to deliver the best detailing services in Hutchinson Kansas. Some of the exterior detailing services that we offer include cleaning the windows, cleaning and protecting the wheels, painting, polishing and waxing, and a general car wash, among others. For the interior, we will vacuum the carpets and mats, clean interior windows, remove odors and stains, and condition the leather upholstery, just to name a few. We take vehicle detailing to the next level and we are ready to give your vehicle the exquisite finish it needs, at competitive prices.

Auto Electronics

A standard vehicle today has approximately 2 miles or even more, of electrical wiring inside. The professional team at Hutchinson Car Repair can diagnose and solve any auto electric problems that your vehicle might be having. Electronic systems are almost everywhere in your car, from beneath the floorboards to under the roof liner. Apart from that, sensors, modules, connectors and actuators are all vital to the proper operation and performance of your vehicle's air conditioning, navigation systems, infotainment centers, as well as other systems such as power seats and power locks.

We use industry-standard electronic testing tools and equipment to diagnose and resolve auto electronic issues in your vehicle. Our mechanics also use the experience they have gathered over the years, to ensure all the electronic issues in your vehicle are properly handled. We eliminate all the guesswork from the repair process. Instead, professionalism guides all our entire operations. Whenever your vehicle has developed any electrical or electronic problem, please call us right away, visit our service center or schedule an appointment online. We are happy to serve you.

Engine Repair

Engine performance, drivability issues, check engine light and gas mileage are among the most complicated auto repair problems to diagnose and resolve. The good news is that Hutchinson Car Repair has some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment you can find on the market today. Our modern and advanced diagnostic equipment can identify major and minor issues that affect your car. Once the diagnostic process is complete and the issues have been identified, we will discuss with the best repair solution before we can proceed.
The moment the "check engine" light comes on, it's a sign that your vehicle's engine should be checked by an experienced, professionally trained and certified auto technician. Your vehicle might be having an issue in one of the areas highlighted above. We will conduct a computerized diagnostic, identify the troubled codes and recommend the best solution for your engine. You should never ignore the "service engine soon" or "check engine" lights whenever they come on. And delaying might lead to bigger problems, which might cost more to repair. Therefore, once that light comes on, visit our service center right away and let's correct the problem. By the time you leave with your vehicle, the engine will be running at peak levels and performing efficiently

Vehicle Maintenance and Oil Change

Regular maintenance including changing the oil is highly recommended to keep your vehicle to avoid costly major repairs and to ensure your vehicle is in safe working condition. At Hutchinson Car Repair, we perform a wide range of vehicle maintenance services such as fluid changes, oil changes, lubrication and vehicle inspections. We have all the service recommendations and service requirements of your vehicle manufacturer. We understand that every make or model of a vehicle has its specific requirements to maintain the warranty. And you can be guaranteed that we will never undertake any maintenance practice that is not recommended for your vehicle.

We know you can easily lose track of your next oil change, due to a busy work schedule or family commitments. However, regular oil changes are vital to your vehicle's operation and performance. After covering many miles, your vehicle's engine oil starts to depreciate. And when that happens, your vehicle will end up with sludge build-up that can significantly reduce the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Don't wait until you end up with a clogged engine. As you probably know, engine repairs or even a replacement don't come cheap. Bring your vehicle to Hutchinson Car Repair today and let's undertake the necessary maintenance procedures. Contact Conklin Honda Hutchinson for your oil change and maintenance.

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